Octopus plush


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The comforter is an ideal educational toy for regulating emotions and thus promoting the expression of good behavior.

Indeed, in order to channel worries, stress and anxieties during your absences or when travelling, the dog comforter acts as an effective regulator via the emission of familiar odors trapped in the fabric.

Indispensable for dental maintenance, the soft toy is a perfect accessory for the multiple nibbles of your dog or your puppy.

The Octopus Ocke BE NORDIC plush toy by Trixie made of polyester emits a sound with each bite to encourage your animal.
Ocke BE NORDIC Octopus soft toy for dogs
Made of soft and robust polyester material
Contains a crunchy fabric that encourages your dog to chew
Reduces stress and anxiety caused by loneliness
Ensures dental health and hygiene by allowing chewing.
Blue color


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