Wonderful play toy to relieve the boredom of parrots


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1、 Equipped with two hooks, it can be hung in the chicken coop. When your chicken is on it, it will make a nice sound.
2. High-quality materials: The xylophone is made of high-quality wood and metal, with metal scale and bells, which can make wonderful sound.
3, have fun: small chickens and birds are always attracted by crisp sounds and bright colors. This toy can provide fun for chickens, detecting it and easing their boredom.
4, detailed size: the xylophone size: width: about 12cm/4.72in total height: about 55cm/21.65in, which can meet the different needs of chickens and parrots.
Width: about 12cm/4.72in
Overall height: about 55cm/21.65in
Wooden block length: about 23.5cm/9.25in
Material: metal, wooden material

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1 * Chicken Xylophone Toy


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